A story of two friends

Thank you for visiting this page for our upcoming movie series Green With Envy. We hope you'll enjoy some of the preview items available for download... So, until we have more available -- you'll just have to wait!

What is Green With Envy? It's a new stop-motion animation series created with various superhero, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy action figures from across all walks -- no genre goes unpunished! Our featured characters will be Yulk and Hoda -- an unlikely duo who share one thing in common, they're both green and neither can speak a decent bit of English (that's why they're Green With Envy).

PROMO SHOT1: The Incredulous Yulk (Note: The entire series is being mastered in a resolution that is more than double that of 1080p standard -- the completed digital master will be 1080p with 480i DVD versions available -- all shot in full widescreen pixel for pixel) Click Photo to see full 1080p resolution version.


PROMO VIDEO1: The Incredulous Yulk Mad! (You will need Divx decoder or a program that can already read Divx versions of AVI files) RIGHT CLICK HERE and select "Save Target As" TO DOWNLOAD.